Activity Tips

Fit in the activities anywhere in the day.

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The Imagine FutureEd activities can be done in class, after school, or in another setting. Below are just a few ideas of where they might fit in an educator's schedule:

  • One 45-minute class period per week or two 20-minute blocks per week during the competition window
  • Advisory
  • After school (with a teacher or after-school staff facilitating)
  • Leadership club or course
  • Museum education sessions.

Connect the activities to any content area.

Futures thinking can fit into any course. Below are a few ideas for how to incorporate the activities into an existing curriculum.

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  • English/Language Arts: Focus on the idea generation and scenario writing portions of the competition to strengthen students' creative writing and narrative skills
  • Fine Arts: Have students create a scenario outline and focus your time on creating an artifact in any medium.
  • History/Social Studies: Set up the activities by looking at images of the future of education from the 1900s. What did people then think future learning would be like? Alternatively, have students research more about how education has developed in the past and use those findings to consider what changes might be coming in the future. The final scenario could be a timeline that includes one possible future.
  • Leadership/Advisory: Begin by asking students to consider their ideal future of learning. After they complete the activities, focus their reflection on what they could do in their communities to enable the future that they want.

Remix and adapt the activities to fit time constraints.

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The activities can be completed in one 2.5-hour block, broken in 15-minute increments, or organized in countless other ways. If you have limited time, consider the possibilities below:

  • Complete only activities 2, 3, and 4.
  • Assign reading, scenario writing, and reflection for homework and focus on the idea generation in class
  • Alternatively, ask students to generate ideas for homework and focus on content creation in class
  • Offer the competition as an extra-credit activity for groups of students.

Have more questions about using the activities or participating in the Imagine FutureEd competition? Check out the FAQs or contact us at