For Inspiration: Examples

Below are a few examples of scenarios and artifacts from the future. Some are about learning, and some are about other everyday objects and routines, like food and paying at a restaurant.

Like the scenarios and artifacts from the future that will be submitted in this competition, each of these examples aims to bring to life one possible future. These examples were created by professional futurists, so consider them sources of inspiration, not models of what competitors should produce. Imagine FutureEd submissions will be judged on the quality of the ideas that they present, not on how polished the final products look.

A Vibrant Learning Grid

This scenario written by KnowledgeWorks looks ahead to a future of learning where learners have proactive involvement in their learning and new types of resources are available for everyone.

"Learners act as prosumers (proactive consumers who co-produce what they consume) who shape their learning experiences by drawing upon a rich learning geography to identify resources that meet their needs." (Read the rest of this scenario)

It Was Supposed to Be Dinosaurs

This scenario submitted to the Center for the Future of Museums describes a future in which legislation that allows parents to be more involved in their children's education is up for debate.

"Dear Senator Kwan,

As your constituent, I write today to urge you to vote for the reauthorization and increased funding for the Family Learning Leave Act. I also thank you for your continued support of the Institute of Museums and Library Services, especially as it was museums and libraries who spearheaded the initial passage of the Act."

(Read the rest of this scenario and read more scenarios about the future of museums and learning)

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Mobile Quest

This artifact from the future created by KnowledgeWorks details how future learners might engage in immersive problem-solving challenges as part of their education.

Credit: KnowledgeWorks

Credit: KnowledgeWorks

"Mobile Quest is an application toolkit for creating immersive learning experiences. Individuals or groups of friends or classmates playing as a team can sign up for any number of quests taking place in their communities. Quests are problem-solving challenges that can be used for any kind of formal, structured learning program or for informal edutainment." (Read the rest of this scenario)


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This short scenario and accompanying artifact from the Institute for the Future show how people might keep track of the food in their fridge and waste less in the future.

"Your fridge always used to have a few of those notorious tomatoes—the ones whose skin is just starting to shrivel. You knew you should eat them, but always passed them up for fresher looking alternatives until it was too late. But now you can’t ignore them! It is that tomato’s dying wish to be consumed at peak freshness, and Crisply won’t let you forget it. So far it’s working! You’re throwing out less produce while also branching out to try new recipes."  (See more scenarios and artifacts about the future of food)

Credit:  IFTF

Credit: IFTF

Fly Me To the Moon

This scenario and artifact combination by Heather Shlegel details how friends might pay for dinner in the future.