How to Submit

1. Check that your work is in an appropriate format.

Make sure that all entry files are:

  • In .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png., .gif, .mp4 or can be accessed via a link.
  • Are less than 100MB each.

Scan or photograph any hard copy work to meet the above requirements.

Also, make sure to identify an e-mail address at which you or the youth participant(s) for whom you are submitting can be reached through May 31, 2017.

2. Submit your entry.

  • Go to the submission page.
  • Select whether you are:
    • A youth participant submitting your own work.
    • An educator or other adult submitting on behalf of one youth participant.
    • An educator or adult submitting on behalf of multiple youth participants.
  • Follow the instructions based on who you are and what type of entry you are submitting (upload, form field, or link).
  • Accept the competition rules. Entries cannot be judged without acceptance of these terms.